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  • What is the difference between your courses on Udemy, ThorTeaches.com, and Safari?

    In short, our courses on ThorTeaches include content not available on any other platform.
    That includes cheat sheets, hard CISSP questions, and our glossary. Due to the popularity of our courses, they have been licensed for distribution by Udemy and SafariBooks/O'Reilly. You also gain exclusive access to faster support to your questions, and access to easily search concepts across our entire video content library.

  • Can I download the videos or watch them offline?

    No, unfortunately not.
    Our system does not support downloading or offline viewing of videos at this time.
    We are working on a solution for this in the future. For now, though, you must be online to watch the video and use the practice questions.
    All our courses are designed to be mobile-friendly for the videos, quizzes, and practice exams.
    These can all be taken using a tablet or smartphone.

  • Do you offer discounts if we buy 10+ courses for our company?

    Yes, we definitely do.
    Our website is designed to support sales directly to a single student, but we do offer discounts and an easy onboarding process for our corporate and educational customers.
    If you need to buy multiple copies, please contact support@thorteaches.com with the number of courses you need, and we can support you directly.